The True Review: Boost Your Online Video Marketing & Advertising

Boost Your Online Video Marketing & Advertising

Written by Nathaniel Moore

Think of your video advertising as SEO for YouTube. Video marketing is becoming more and more popular as users consume more content on YouTube and Facebook.

It's not often that you're going to see a business video about your latest ebook go viral, but doing extra marketing and SEO for the right customers can bring significant results to your business.

Use these services below to add video marketing to your content.



This is the number 1 seller in video marketing on Fiverr. Their service essentially does backlinks for videos and gets the SEO juices flowing for your content.

So if you wanted to rank on YouTube for 'keyword xyz', then you'd optimize your description and keywords for the desired result, then hire this service to manually submit the video to other sharing sites.

This is talking much more than on Facebook and Twitter. It may take a steady stream of backlinks to get your video to start ranking well, and this service will help.



This is the same idea as the first service, but just in case you wanted to test separate videos with different services and crown a winner, you can use this seller as well.

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