The True Review: How To Get A Quality Email Blast

The True Review: How To Get A Quality Email Blast

Written by Nathaniel Moore

An email blast is intertwined with blog mentions.

Usually, business owners will purchase email blasts from someone within the same niche to drive traffic towards a blog article to gain leads.

But don't be hasty before you purchase an email blast.

Follow this checklist and use some of the trusted 'True Review' services on this page to ensure you get the best results.


JOIN the email list before you purchase from it.

You need to make sure that the blogger you're purchasing from sends out good content. Pay attention to their subject lines, email copy, and frequency of sending.


Ask to see their statistics.

You want to be sure they have a solid open and click rate. No sense in paying for an email drop if no one is interested in the sender.


See how much engagement their blog gets.

Most of the time you'll be seeking to 'borrow' email subscribers after an email drop. It's best if you can get engaged visitors from a good list to join your own list.

  • A Word From Nathaniel

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