The True Review: The Best Social Media Marketing Tools & Services

Social Media Marketing Tools

Written by Nathaniel Moore

Everybody and their grandma is a social media expert nowadays!

It can be hard to choose whom to follow and who's just using the same ol' tired strategies as everyone else.

Everyone will mostly use the same tools, but the WAY you use them can greatly differ from the next entrepreneur up.

Take a look at some of the services below, and as always, if more (better) services come along in the future, they'll be moved towards the top of the list.

Click the buttons below for the services.


STATUSBREW.COM (formerly is THE best tool for growing your Twitter and Instagram audiences.

They have so many features it's mind boggling!

You can do anything from automate direct messages to power searching for targeted users by location. I use this site everyday to grow my audiences, and with the right copy, your ROI can skyrocket.


Click the image above to get Hootsuite. It's is an automated program that let's you set and forget your Facebook and Twitter posts. Instead of posting 24 hours/day on social media, you simply upload it in Hootsuite and set the times you want your posts to go out everyday.

Here's what included if you sign up from the image above:

  • Free 30 Day Trial of HootSuite Pro
  • Schedule and automatically publish 100's of messages
  • Manage and post to multiple Social Profiles
  • Add up to 9 Team Members to your account



Going through all the subtleties of tweaking your Facebook ads is annoying (unless you're into that kind of thing).

Instead, you can have an expert optimize your ads to get a better CTR. I highly recommend this service if you do Facebook ads!

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